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Thread: Fertility question

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    Fertility question

    Good morning all,

    For some back information I have been on my trt journey for around a year. I have still been fighting to get to a more realistic regimen. I have been through a couple doctors, endos, and on my second Urologist. In the beginning I was not advised that it would affect my fertility. I was told that it could even help. My total and free tests were both significantly low when this all started. My mental health was bad, I spent a lot of time with mental fog, dazed, confused, I gained a ton of weight, and I was depressed. I was the total poster child of low T. I've made my way from 1 shot of .5ml of 100mg/1ml test c per month to finally 50mg test C every 3.5 days. This has been over the course of a year. The last 3 months or so I have been taking 200mgs test c every 2 weeks. I was just switched to the 50mgs every 3.5 days last week. I had my uro prescribe the reusable 10 ml so that I could take it 50mgs every 3.5 days rather 200mgs every 2 weeks.

    I have learned a lot from this forum. Enough that I understand the majority of doctors, even endos only know the tip of the ice berg when it comes to trt. I have learned just how wrong the first doctors were about fertility. I now know that exo test can act as a contraceptive for men so I expected my sperm count to be low but unfortunately it came back at zero. My urologist was puzzled. He advised this normally only happened with injury or vasectomy. He then confirmed that I had a child previously, I advised I did. He then asked if I had a vasectomy and I said obviously no. He then told me that they only way I could have another child was In Vitro. I advised that I couldn't afford IV but my insurance should cover treatment with HCG . He advised he did not believe HCG could restart my body making sperm. He believed it could only help if you were making sperm just not enough. I told him well I can't afford IV so I would like to try. I asked him to put my on the highest dose possible. I have read that taking around 1,000 iu of hcg per week has been successful in helping men impregnate their wife's. My question is once I start taking the hcg eod or e2ds along side my trt protocol do you think I have a shot and if so what my chances could be? I would have included a picture of the test result but was given the info over the phone. I haven't received the physical copy yet.

    Thank you for your time and advice.
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    I had been in TRT for a number of years, 2 children when I was younger but had a semen test and it came back zero. Used HCG , Clomid etc and stopped Test completely. My body was a wreck, but after 2 months sperm was being produced. Several months and my girl is pregnant. Search my old post, a lot a good advice from knowledgeable members. Good
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