Im 49 years old and since few months im experimenting a loss in libido and sexual drive. Sometimes i realiy feel like i have very low "desire" (even if i love and really LIKE my girlfriend and have no problem at allo with her). This situation is getting worse as we are having sex less and she start to think i don't like her as much as i did at the beginning. But this is not true... Anyway.

I did some blood test, and actually the test level are low, but with the doctor.... "things are getting slow".

I read some article about HCG and Clomid as a therapy for low test level and low libido. Any protocol on that?
I am thinking about HGC 1000iu 2/week + 25mg ED for few weeks... is this a good idea?

Some people told me about provision (that i have from e previous cycle), is good stuff?