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Thread: Serious question about low sperm and low semen count

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    Serious question about low sperm and low semen count

    Been on test for about 1.5 years now. I'm TRT now. Finished 2 month Tren cycle about 1 month ago. Now all Of a sudden noticing when I cum, not much has been coming out. Should I try using HCG ? What will help correct this to bring back more. Is this the fact I'm cruising after a long blast??? I'm using 200-250 mg of test per week. Thanks

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    HCG would probably bring some of it back. Also check your estrogen and prolactin levels.
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    Hcg helps yes.
    But when you're having sex for more than 5minutes usually enough will come out anyways IMO. And women usually can't tell the difference between their own juices and yours, so don't fret about it.

    Edit; I realize that was a stupid response as fast as I wrote it. So I'll go back to; HCG helps.
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    so we should expect a decrease in load on trt??? kind of sucks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Closhmo View Post
    so we should expect a decrease in load on trt??? kind of sucks
    You don't have to accept shit...

    Run HCG and cialis

    Good shit, also my loads change sometimes full sometimes well you get the story...

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