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Thread: How realisitic is fathering on TRT?

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    How realisitic is fathering on TRT?

    Hi all,

    How realistic (or unrealistic) is fathering when on TRT and been on for several years?

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    Very, if you’re not on like 1000mg you should be fine.
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    I had 3 kids on trt, added in some clomid both her and i......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jedi1337 View Post
    Hi all,

    How realistic (or unrealistic) is fathering when on TRT and been on for several years?
    While this is not a personal concern of mine, I have had discussions with numerous guys in various forums that have this concern. Many of them (don't have a number) were eventually successful. Celebrity case in point, look at Arnold and his love child. It's clear both through his physical development and by his own admission that he used a LOT of anabolic steroids in his day. Form what I've gathered, the longer you've been on anabolic steroids , the more the system is screwed up and the more difficult will be the job, but again not impossible.

    From what I've read, you'd probably want to start with gearing up the testicles with fairly hefty doses of HCG . There are two publications from the same authors that indicate that use intratesticular testosterone product (ITT) as a surrogate marker of fertility. It's an established surrogate marker because sperm cells need much higher exposure to T (than blood levels) to fully mature for proper motility and fertility. Their experiment shows that the optimum doses of HCG for restoring ITT levels in healthy male volunteers treated with 200mg T-eth per week is somewhere between 1000 - 1750 IU of HCG per week in divided doses. My own secondary analysis of their data using an alternate method indicates that the range is probably closer to 1050 - 1250 IU per week. Here's a graphic presentation of my analysis:

    HCG ITT Study in Normal men 2.pdf

    However, your question seems to indicate that you want to stay on TRT and still be fertile. That's a more difficult question because you need stimulation of the testicles by both LH and FSH for normal spermatogenesis. HCG does have both LH and FSH receptor binding capacity, but it has much more LH activity than FSH. Your best bet, form what I can gather from the scant medical literature on the subject, is to use HCG regularly and at these hefty doses to keep the testicles active during TRT. Then, when you are ready to embrace fatherhood, stop TRT and go through a well-planed PCT to get endogenous gonadotropin (both LH and FSH) production back to normal. Once you've conceived, you can go back to TRT.

    Oh, BTW, I'd start saving for college now in the planning stage. Paying for fertility's a bitch.
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    Hcg will work.

    I was on lots (2g of gear) and got a baby mid cycle.

    I was low t before that and had a 16 week cycle under my belt as well.

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    Lance Pharmstrong had kids the natural way after having one nut cut off and undergoing chemo. A little Test ain't nothing (but don't forget the hCG ).

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