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    practical questions on tb500 and igf

    i'm considering some treatments with tb500 (for tissue healing) and igf (for growth).

    for tb500, i'm thinking of following tr's protocol:

    Wk1 - 5mg
    Wk2 - 2.5mg
    Wk3 - 2.5mg
    Wk4 - 2mg
    Wk5 - 2mg

    i'm thinking of reconstituting in 0.9 nacl and injecting sq 1/week. questions:

    1. what amount of 0.9 nacl will fully dissolve 5 mg tb500?
    2. does the solution need to be refrigerated after reconstitution?

    for igf, i'm thinking of 2 weeks on/2 weeks off cycling for 16 weeks at a does of 50mcg ed 30 minute post workout. i plan to reconstitute with 1ml bac/1 mg. questions:

    1. does this protocol make sense?
    2. does solution need to be refrigerates after reconstitution?


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    I can only speak of the TB.

    I use .5ml of bacteriostatic water, for a 2mg vial, but I bet that's overkill.

    I mix, and pin it all, but with your 5mg (I'm assuming) vials, I would certainly refrigerate.

    As for 5 weeks, I would go longer. I did:

    Week 1 and 2, 4mg
    Weeks 3-9, 2mg
    Weeks 10-14, 2mg, every 2 weeks.

    Could be overkill too, but it worked!
    I must admit to adding 2iu HGH, at week 4. And, I'm also using 200mg/week, of Test Cyp.

    Keep in mind, the TB isn't doing the healing, it just speeds and facilitates the body's natural process. So you need to make sure that you do nothing to exacerbate the injury. If that means not working out that part of your body, bear with it, or you will waste the cycle!

    I really should write an account of my TB-500 run...

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    Drop the igf-lr1, it's not worth the money.

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    thanks for the feedback. scotchguard, i saw your earlier comment in a different thread and weighed that in my thinking. i've decided to conduct an experiment to see what my experience is. i'll post results of course, and at this point, am hoping to see something (but i am on notice!).

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