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    Bacteriostatic water

    I've been taking growth for 5-6 months and the only thing I've changed is the place I got the water from. My skin has been itching for a few weeks, even areas that have nothing there. But I've also got area's that have big spots and little spots on that can be itchy. I've got a some of the big spots on my legs and one on my arse cheeks. Could this be caused by dodgy water or do you think I'm allergic to something or possibly bitten by something? There's moths in the house at the minute, not sure if there byte.

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    It's very unlikely that your water is the problem. It really is just water and benzyl alcohol. Get it from an online pharmacy. Make sure your injections are sterile (alchohol swabs) and obviously verify that your hgh is legit, if at all possible. Did the problems start right after your injections?

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    easy to test, throw it away, and get a new water... if it stops it was the water.. if it continues, take low dose benadryl
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