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    My Low Amount Cycle With Decent Results!!

    ..just finished up 2 sat ago on a low dosage cycle..sust 250/deca200 for 8 weeks.i did have d ball but no nova just incase of boobies.stats 6'2" 236-240lbs--now 257lbs...this was my 1st real cycle(1st one just deca200 for 6 weeks for healing purposes).1st thing is i didnt want 20-30lbs. why?? well im in mid 30s and im not competing or anything.i dont have the desire to press 500lbs!!although i know i can do 420 now..(405 was done in 98 and not since then)..i did want 8-12 keepable lbs and i know i've got that..i have a lean muscular look but just bigger intake was good cals about 3500-4000, protein was bascially 210-230mg a day<-should have been higher. had plenty of rest too....and my training was real intense, hard but smart..didnt want to over do it and get injured. i'll start to cut with cardio and diet in 1 months...mistakes i made #1 should have gone 10weeks with this cycle (but this was the 1st time using mail order so i wanted to test the waters sorta speak)#2 should have uped tha cals and protein intake(i admire you bodybuilders out there because the diet part is hard, training is easy)over all i give myself a B- on this cycle..clomid starts this sunday.. to all newbies really figure out want kinda gains you want then adjust your cycle...but typically go with 500 test/ 400 deca 10-12 weeks and d ball 35 mgs 4-5 weeks with nova and clomid. your younger and probaly want the mass!!..thanksBIG KEV for your opinions in early jan!!
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