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    Anavar + halotestin

    can anyone assist me with a 1st cycle, intended only for small gains in mass - not bulking please?
    would like to know if anavar only can cause any hair loss (which is my main concern).
    same question goes for halotestin only and combined with anavar.
    can anyone suggest a cycle combining these 2 ?
    my stats : 6'1, 180 lbs and been training for 3.5 years (35 y/o).
    appreciate any help on that.

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    well they are both harsh on your liver more Halo then anavar . They are both 17aa. You will not be making big weight gains with this combination but like you said you don't want to. I personally wouldn't combine these two in the same cycle just because of the whole live thing. Also is there a reason why you aren't adding an injectable. I would take the halo out and use anavar and primobolan or winstrol . Get great results with minimal side effects.

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    I love Halo but....... very hard on me. Couple weeks into it and you will understand why. I couldn't imagine combining the two. JMO

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