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    600 Mgs a week of Deca

    This is my fourth cycle. I did deca at 450 mgs a week (5 weeks) and 30 mgs dbol (4 weeks) last year. It was my best cycle to date in terms of quality muscle. I looked the best when I finished the dbol because I lost a little of the bloat from the dbol. My question is assuming my diet is good and I workout correctly can I see some decent gains just running 600 mgs of TT deca for 10 weeks? I know the strength will not be there as much as if I did some test, but I do not like the bloat caused by test. Is ten to fifteen pounds a safe assumption as far as in increase in weight? I would also like some feedback on Ttokyo deca.

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    I would throw some Test in there if you want to have a sex life. I use 2/1 ratio of Test to Deca . You will retain a fair amount of water from the Deca. If you don't want the bloat, maybe a cutting cycle would be better. Just my 2cc's

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    try test prop at 100mg eod during your cycle it doesnt put much water and youll get nice gains

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    the ttokyo decca my friend took it and expierenced some serious side affects like ......he could not walk for a few days and had some flew like symtoms becareful man

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    deca works, i was 160lbs i took 300 mg a week. I gained 20lbs in 10 weeks and i'm a skinny shit. You just have to eat like a animale and want it bad. Don't worry about ttokkyo labs nandrolona 300 (deca) its safe.
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    I'm starting my 4th week, doing 600mg/wk deca (Ttokkyo 300mg) for 10 weeks and Dbol 40mg/day for 8 weeks (5 days a week, yes I'm aware 8 weeks is long for oral). I've had no problems with the Ttokkyo deca so far, this being my 1st cycle I feel it's going very smoothly, I hit a nerve once not an experience I'd wish on somebody else hehe but other than that no probs. My friend on the other hand (doing same cycle as me right now) ends up having swelling and lumps from the deca, looks like it's not being absorbed or perhaps a reaction to the alcohol... not sure. It's not inflamed per se, just lumpy and he says it itches. (goes away but happens again after a new injection, we inject twice per week). I've had none of those problems and we got the deca from the same source. As for "deca dick" I'm having no problems getting erections nor am I having sexual side effects. I was 173.5lbs when I started the cycle and I'm now at 181lbs at the start of 4th week. My next cycle I will add some test or equipoise I have a friend who has made excellent gains on deca/equip/dbol cycle. Good luck with your cycle and be safe.

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    if you dont want bloat.

    deca 400mgs/week for 10 weeks
    prop 100mgs EOD for 10 weeks!!

    or, do test enth 250mgs a week with your deca instead.


    deca 400mgs/week (1-10)
    test 250mgs/week (1-10)
    winstrol 50mgs ED (8-13)
    run liquidex or arimidex all the way threw for even less bloating.

    Ive HEARD, if you eat clean on deca as well, that you dont get the bloated affect.

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