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    I have entered the DARKSIDE!!!

    FINALLY !!!

    been waitin for awhile and my pinz finally came today

    i HAD a little problem with the needles, dont really like them too much, so needless to say I was staring at the needle and my ass for like 10 mintues, trying to get the ballz up

    instead of jabbing it in, i just slowly pressed and after it peirced my skin, I didnt feel ANYTHING i just saw the need allready in

    aspirated and injected !!!! felt great, cant wait til my next one

    few questions though

    I am taking 1cc of EQ every Mon/Thurs weeks 1-14
    50mg winny tabs week 1-2
    50mg "" "" 11-16

    And when I wake up i have REAL trouble with eating for the first couple of hourse, so when I wake up is it ok to start the day off with a protein shake, then have a meal 1 to hours after that?

    And since i am naturally lean, 5'9'' 140lbs less than 10%BF, and my metabolism is very high i would think I would be ok to eat a mild ammount of carbs and fat. Dont get me wrong, I still eat pretty clean, but I'm just wondering if people with very high met. have to worry less about eating clean or not?

    here is my routine, 3 to 4 excercises per body part, 3 sets of 10,8,6

    TUE- Legs & Back
    THURS- Shoulders & Neck
    FRI- Bi & Tri

    Abs about 2 or 3x a week with calves

    what all am i missing? what am I doing wrong? thanks every1, mexicali
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