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    Report on my cycle starts today.

    Since I'm new to this forum please let me introduce myself first. I'm 26 year old bodybuilder have been voor 10 years my stats:

    biceps 41 cm
    leg 80 cm
    chest 117 cm
    fat 20% about 15%
    weight 97 kg
    height 1,87 m

    I will start today friday 8th November 2002 with mij cycle

    it is only a light cycle but I want to know if (enough)progress can be made with a light cycle.

    Week 1-5
    Anavar 25 mg/day
    Deca 200 mg/week

    Week 6-8
    Deca 200 mg/week

    optional if this does not give me the right results; I will prolong the cycle with 4 weeks and start adding an extra 200 mg/deca/week and 500/sus/week. But this only if the disired effect is not there (5 kg quality muscle gain) I have used havier cycles before but between my last cycle and now is about 8 months so the receptors should be cleared by now. I will porst here every week so you gus can see what happening.

    I thougt on maybe continuing using 10 mg anavar/day for the next jear
    just to keep the gains with this and future cycles any comments?

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    I would up the deca to 400mg and Also make sure you got some clomid

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    what was the price tag on the anavar ?

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