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    Cuttine and bulking?

    This is a stack that I am thinking of doing
    sust500mg/week 1-10weeks
    deca400mg/week 1-10weeks
    d-bol30mg/day 1-4weeks
    oxandrolene30mg/day 5-10weeks
    winney 50mg/eod 7-10weeks
    clen 6tabs/eod 9-11weeks
    clomid50,100,50mg/ed 10-11weeks
    proviron 50mg/ed if needed
    nolvadex 20mg/ed if needed

    but it is my first so should i just do the Sust, Deca ,dbol and then after that the oxandrolene winney clen to cut or just throw it in all at once like this?

    also does any one know how much oxandrolene costs

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    You have obviously read the deffinitions of the androgens you want to take...question your goals of lean weight...
    your first calm down brother...
    my advice...
    take you sus250...500 for a (4)few weeks and let it get into you system...see how you feel write it down...check your diet... most newbies suck at nutrition and can get the max benifit cus of it.... in that fouth week sense you seem gung need to stand in your way... try hitting your deca then... and again see how you feel... cus your stackin like you've read a vets stack.... in another three weeks hit your d-bol and dont take any of your winny or OX until your other shit is gone...use your provrion on the high mg weeks of your androgenic and anabolics...use your nolvadex during your sus-but this is your first...your not gonna get gyno from your first maybe two years down the road... or three...and fuckin A use your clen , winny, and OX at the end together after your other shit is done... hit your clomid when your done with the the whole thing....
    read read read.... you dont need all of this yet... work on your will gain you max in lean mass when your eat right. no less than 4000cals a day.... low fat... at least your body weight in pro-tein... and good carbs not lot of refind sugars....
    you can take all that shit and look like shit if you dont eat right....
    ps my fist was of enanthate alone.... my second was on sus250 alone....learn your body's affinty to the androgen you put in it and you will beat the competition...oh yeah...get your head into nutrition and you'll keep your gains...
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