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    Week 4 Test prop/Tbol results

    I'm on week 4 of my Test Prop and Tbol cycle Justed wanted to share my results and gains on my main lifts...

    Test prop 100mg EOD for 8 weeks
    Tbol 40mg ED for 4weeks
    Armidex .5mg EOD

    stats before cycle:
    6'2 230lbs.
    max Bench 315 lbs.
    max squat 365 lbs.
    max power clean 250 lbs.
    push press 175lbs for 5
    max deadlift 450lbs.

    week 4 stats:
    6'2 245lbs.
    max Bench 370lbs.
    squat 365 lbs. for 8
    power clean 275lbs. for 3
    push press 225lbs. for 5

    I've been unable to deadlift because of the back pumps from the Tbols

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    Impressive gains from such a short time frame. Goals?

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    roughly I want to eventually weight around 255, improve speed and agility, squat 500lbs., clean 315lbs. and bench 405lbs.

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    Strong bump here, but I'm interested in running pretty much the same cycle. How did your results turn out?

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    updates?? just curious to see how things went

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    Sorry fellas its been 5 months and i forgot to keep everything updated here....

    I finished this cycle early making it only an 8 week cycle, i had to stop due to some personal issues.

    My final stats were...
    10% bf
    max bench was 375lbs.(injured my shoulder)
    max sqaut was 455lbs. for 3

    now im sitting at 235lbs., havent trained heavey the last couple months because i just finished the season so im curious to see what kind of strength i've kept and how much and how fast i will gain it back.

    This cycle added alot of water weight which i didnt like, this month makes it 4 months ive been off from my cycle. unfortunatly i developed really bad tendonisis in my knees and am starting to get it in my elbows im wondering if this is from the cycle.

    I love using test prop I actaully stopped the use of Tbols early because i hated the back pumps and it was effecting my speed training, I think the tbol also atttributed to tendonitis. I have previously ran a cycle with test prop and it didnt effect my tendons in anyway.

    The mistakes i made this cycle were I didnt do enough cardio, and i didnt warm up properly. I would ride the bike 10 mins before a workout for a warm up but that wasnt intense enough I needed to do something more active and intense for my cardio. Also i need to do a better warm up. Once I got lifting alot heavier weights benching 80% of my max a couple of warm up sets wasnt enough, i needed to do different upper body movements to warm up.

    my next cycle is going to consist of HGH I'm about to buy a couple of kits, the problem im having is i cant find as much info as i would like.

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