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    Exclamation Need to know about this cycle. Please help. I'm sorta new to this

    Maybe someone can help me out?
    I just started this cycle and want to know what u think.. I'm on week 1.

    My goal is to shred belly fat and gain lean muscle.
    I'm 26 years old 5'6. 165 pounds .

    Goal is 10 to 12 week cycle

    Bottles of Trenbolone acetate 100mg
    Bottles of Propionate 125mg
    Bottles of Equipoise 200mg
    Bottle of Enanthate 250mg
    Anavar 25

    All from CCB labs

    Thinking of doing this ... What do you think?

    All 10 weeks do .5cc of tren , eq, en. Every 4 days.
    Into week 6 start 50mg of anavar

    Suggestions ? Would u modify ? Goal is to be ripped ! With nice muscle!

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    Anybody ??

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    Nobody will respond because it seems as though you did not read any of the educational stickies. I know you are new, but so were the 6m other people who posted similar threads.

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    well if your goal was too be ripped you should of got your diet in check cause that is how you get ripped aas will not get you ripped only your diet sounds like too me you need too learn more about what you are getting in too aas will not meet your goals only your diet and training will....

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