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    Result of my first Sustanon cycle= GOOOODD!!

    Sustanon 250 (India) is the only streroid of my cycle. No oral!!I just train very hard with a true bodybuilder!! The result are amazing!! Just with Sustanon 250 at a very low dosage. No side effects.

    Before my cycle = 5'7 139 pounds 21 year old

    Cycle ( Very very very very simple)
    week injection
    1 1 cc
    2 1 cc
    3 1 cc
    4 1 cc
    5 2 cc
    6 2 cc
    7 2 cc
    8 1 cc
    9 1 cc
    10 1 cc

    220 gr of protein/day
    3000 calorie

    After my cyle
    5'7 168 pounds
    I will begin Clomid in about 3 week and dianabol bridge.

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    29 pounds off of 250mg sust/wk and bumping it up to 500 for 3 weeks? thats pretty ridiculous not saying it didn't happen, but i have never seen anyone use only sust and have almost 30 pounds gained, even if they were a skinny dude like yourself...congrats.

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    26lbs congrats bro

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    chinups Guest
    I have seen someone, my bro gained 30lbs. Great job!

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    I have a friend who gained some quality muscle on just 1 amp a week. And I have personally made great gains with just 200mgs. deca a week along with 200mgs. test. Good work man, enjoy it!

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    i am on a sustanon cycle myself, my cycle looks almost identical to yours, i am in the middle of my fourth week, and haven't experieced any tremendous weight or strenght gain. my recent shot of sus was 500mg.

    i am just curious when u noticed your gains?? In what weeks was it most noticable?

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    ottawa, canadian monkey
    wow good job bro
    vraiment bonne job mon ami quebequoi

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    Wow bro good work. What was your training and diet like before? People must of seen a big change everyday you came in to work even.

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    Congrat's on the growth! I'd be curious to find out, if you are able to determine it, how much of that was muscle, water-weight, and lean muscle.

    It is possible to gain a good amount of muscle on low-doses. Remember:
    200mg per week of testosterone enanthate or testosterone cypionate is more than twice the amount the body produces for normal function. If you want to find out more about this, do a search using my screen name and the term "low-dose."

    One more thing before I go: If you have the genetics to grow, and your body responds well to AS, a person definitely can grow like a weed.

    In this case, my guess is that a good amount that you gained is lean muscle, but some is probably fat and water weight too.

    Here's my reasoning: A 135lb person probably does not require 3000 calories daily to grow in the gym--even if he is active. (It is good that you were eating a lot--don't get me wrong). I know that when i was 155/160lbs, eating 2000-2500 calories was enough to keep me growing steadily. I should have been eating 3000 calories. 4000calories would have been more than my maintenance calorie level (the amount of calories to stay at same weight and do normal activities) and more than my growth calorie level (amount of calories to do normal activities, be active [lifting/jogging] and still grow).

    At 135lbs, eating 3000 calories, you were probably above your growth calorie level. When you eat above your growth calorie level, you can pack on fat.

    Either way....Going from 135 to 168 is an incredible transformation and you should be proud of yourself, Balfa7.

    If you have before and after pics, definitely post them so you can motivate others on the board!

    Keep working hard and growing!

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    Great job bro. I did Omnas for 10 weeks at 250 mg a week and gained about 15 lbs. My diet sucked though, not enough cals.

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    Not sure
    besides eating alot of meats and all what is the best supplement for protein/calorie?

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