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    What weeks were ur biggest gains? (deca/eth/dbol cycle)


    I am currently doing a cycle of the following....and i was just wondering when the stuff really kicks in..and i know i am gaining right now steadily.....What should i expect in which weeks?

    I am eating plenty about 5-6 k per day, eventhough my body mass is 165 lbs, and protein around 300 grams a day...if i keep up my current rate hell i might gain 50 pounds and keep 40 lean

    wk 1-4 30 mg dbol ed
    wk 1-10 500 mg test ethanate
    wk 1-10 400 mg norma hellas decca

    wk 5-10 i am doing 50 mg per day of proviron to harden things up..once the test has built up enough in my blood

    I have plenty of hcg , clomid post cycle and i have nova on hand for gyno...

    Or if you guys have stories about how sudden your mass gains hit u w hen u were really wondering if u ere going anywhere with the cycle..just let me know!

    When is it normal on this kind of cycle that i will see the most lean optimal muscle mass and how quick did u gain??

    Any of you guys have ur gains just like bam? 12 in a week or something?

    Please reply if you have done a similiar cycle!!!

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    3-4wks for the test to kick in(you should also run the test a week longer to match up the half life to the Deca better)

    4-5wks for the Deca to get to peak levels.

    Dbol should kick in after about a week

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    Yea about week 4 for me was when I noticed the gains and so did people around me! People I hadnt seen for just like 2months didnt recognize me !!!!!

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