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    test e 250 tren e 200

    im 25 yrs 200lbs 5'10

    i have done one cycle before of test and deca about 1year ago i had realy good gains as i was 155lbs when i started i ran that cycle for 8 weeks...i am now wanting to start another cycle and would like a little imput from some more vet guys that have a little more experiance...i have been lifting for 5yrs now

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    From everything I read, you only want the test to maintain bodily functions so you'd want it around 100 and tren can safely be bumped up to 300ish or more depending on how prone you are to side effects.

    Someone more experienced, feel free to correct me if i'm wrong.

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    You gained 45 lbs on your first cycle? Or are you just saying you've continued to gain weight after your first cycle was over?

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