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    Older but wiser - from beginning to end - diet, prep and cycle

    Hello everyone,

    Good to be back in the swing of things after being off cycling for a few years. I wanted to start this log to fine tune my diet, work out regimen and cycle prep to eventually run my return cycle at the beginning of next year. I'm going to detail my current diet, stats and work out regimen and as I go along I'll be making adjustments and also prepping for the cycle. Please feel free to make any suggestions and/or recommendations, any input is appreciated.

    Current stats:
    Age: 33 (by the time I start the cycle I'll be 34)
    Weight: 168 lbs
    Height: 5'8
    bf: around 15%

    Current Diet: (This is my usual and preferred diet although with work and the family sometimes it changes..more times than I would preffer)
    Breakfast: whole grain bagel, scrambled eggs and fruits
    Lunch: Brown rice, steak or chicken and vegetables
    Pre-workout: Protein shake with a banana or two
    Post-workout: Protein shake
    Dinner: Steak or chicken and vegetables or salad

    Workout regime:
    -When I can basically but usually at least 30 min a day, sometimes a full hour if I don't have to run somewhere or pick someone up. I have a lot more free time for me now so I'll be ramping it up in the following months prior to cycling again to get used to the intensity and get back in form. I do get every body part worked at least once per week but like I said not as intense and thorough as before.
    -Cardio: Sunday mornings usually for 30-40 min with the wife either walking or going to the gym and using the treadmills.

    Cycle History: (memory is a bit sketchy; it's been a while)
    - Test E 12 weeks at 500 mg/week
    - Test E 12 weeks at 750 mg/week ; d-bol 6 weeks at 25 mg/ED
    - Test E 12 weeks at 750 mg/week ; Tren Ace 12 weeks at 50 mg/EOD
    - Test E 12 weeks at 500 mg/week ; Eq 12 weeks at 600 mg/week ; Tren Ace 8 weeks at 50 mg/EOD.

    Ancillaries always included HCG , Aromasin , caber (for tren cycles), on-cycle Nolva (gyno prone) and Clomid for PCT.

    I was thinking about using some HGH to combat some week joints and ligaments I've been dealing with for a couple of years and now that I have the income to do so I thought it might help. I'm open to suggestions on this as I've never gone down that route.

    I've started ramping up at the gym for the past 2 weeks going for at least an hour and it seems to be going fine aside for some fatigue from not being used to the added intensity.

    Anyway, here we go folks, stay tuned, it's gonna be a long and fun ride.

    I've been thinking running a straight test cycle to get back into the swing of things and see how my body reacts. Any suggestions as to what cycle to return with and any other suggestions please let me know.

    Thanks guys.

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    Guys any input on HGH for my next cycle? Money is no concern thankfully, so which brand would you recommend and if I should even consider HGH?

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