I'm currently 3 weeks into a tren e/test e cycle. I'm doing 400 tren e and 500 test e/week divided into 2 injections. I started from 101.5 kg. and now my weight is somewhat around 110 kg. This is my third cycle. My past cycles were test p 100 mg eod and npp+test e. In just 3 weeks I gained more than I did on my previous cycles (10 weeks). I'm very impressed with tren. It seems to be damn powerful! My weights in the gym increased drastically. F.ex. I went from 120 kg in close-grip barbell bench press to 145 kg. My biceps went from 44.2 to 46.5 cm. I'm not bloated and my bf seems to decrease. On second week I started to feel sore in nipples and started 0.4 mg letro/week . This killed my libido wich was damn high during the first week.
I work out 5 times a week.
My calorie intake is around 4000 KCal/day. My wife is sick and tired of cooking so much food for me. I try to eat as much as I can. Not always clean, whatever.
Later I will post some pictures. I will keep you updated. Hope this log will motivate me to work out even harder.