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    First bulk cycle Test, Deca, Anadrol

    Hello!! I decided to share my current cycle with you guys and take you through my journey. This is my first bulk cycle and im excited to see the results at the end of these 12 weeks.

    My current dosages are as follows:
    200 mg of test E and deca every Monday and Thursday
    50 mg ED of Anadrol for 2 weeks then 100 mg ED for 2 weeks total= 4 weeks
    12.5 mg of Exemestane EOD
    .5 mg of Caber every 3 days

    50mg of clomid ED for 4 weeks
    40 mg of nolva ED for 4 weeks
    12.5 mg of exemestane EOD for 4 weeks
    500 IU of hcg for first 10 days

    Current body stats
    Started at 200.2 pounds
    16% BF

    Other supplements
    Liver support ED
    Blood pressure support ED
    Kidney support ED
    Multi vitamin ED

    Will update in the middle of the cycle of progress so far and towards the end of the cycle. Training and diet will be strict throughout the cycle for maximum effectiveness. Not sure if I can link my youtube for the video series im doing as well.

    Started cycle on 10/16/17
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