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Thread: female DNP short cycle

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    female DNP short cycle

    im a female and looking for dropping 10 pounds of fat. im doing dnp because im in plateau for months and tried clen /t3 but it didnt work at all.
    i know everything about dnp since 2015 and i have read all of the experiences and information out there, but it will be my first dnp cycle.
    im planning to use it for 10 days with 100/200 mg dnp but im not sure.
    i dont want to use it longer because summer is out there and also i dont want my thyroids shut down.

    what should i do? 200 mg for 10 days OR 5 days 100 mg 5 days 200 mg? i need advice.

    based on protein and healthy fat but sometimes i break out on carbs so my diet is almost clean

    cardio and weight lifting but i dont think i will exercise when im on DNP, to be honest. because im a sweaty person and it will make me sweat more.

    Vitamin C
    Vitamin E
    and Benadryl if i have hives

    120 lbs

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    If you do anyway, try not to die
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    If your diet is absolutely perfect and youre considering it... dont.

    Suffer that little bit more making the diet perfect rather than leaving a great looking corpse.

    Youtube celebrities taking 400mg of dnp a day and not dying arent you so dont even try it. Theres no telling whether a 200mg dose will kill you or not.

    Many on here find ephedrine, caffeine and asprin stack to be more effective than clen .

    Take a weeks break, eat at maintainence calories then start some form of carb manipulation with the eca stack. Ill bet youll find success in this.

    Please not dnp. I understand the temptation but its not worth dying over.
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