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    Stuck in 2nd Cycle

    Ok to sum things up I have been lifting for 15 solid years with a great foundation and knowledge base of steroids but not actual expirience using them. First cycle was 6/03 for 10 weeks and then 7 weeks off with Clomid PCT. Gain was 20 lbs and kept 15. 2nd cycle started with DBol 25mg qd injections with Deca 400 and test cyp 600. The Dbol stopped after 1 month and am continuing the rest for 10 weeks. Im finishing week 6. Here is the problem: have only gained 2 pounds in the past 3 weeks. Total gain is 12 lbs so far with the majority in the first 3 weeks thanks to the Dbol. Diet is clean with 4000 cals and 350 protein. Bdy wt is 212 with 11% BF.
    1. Why such poor gains in past 3 weeks
    2. What changes can I make to start increasing.

    Lift heavy weights all good form and technique.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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    Could be many things but if you say all is true above with diet and other stuff than the only thing I could think of is bunk gear.

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    Not sure but try to up the cals clean for a week or 2 and see what happens. PLus since you are off the dbol you may be loosing the water gain and gaining muscle so forget the scale and check the mirror taking week by week pics is a great way to measure the real "gains"

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