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    Advice needed please

    Hey guys-got 4 questions in one here! ;o)

    Halfway through my second ever steroids cycle;

    5 week Bulk cycle- Nandrolone decanoate (200mg)/ All-test (350mg) twice weekly for 5 weeks.

    Cutting cycle Duothate (250mg constituting of 100 Tren +150Test)/ Primo 100 (100mg) twice weekly for 5 weeks

    Do you think this cycle is OK? I got great gains from the bulking phase (pics attached) and I really wanna make the most of my cutting cycle now-which Iím starting this week.

    I know that I need to ramp up the reps/ decrease weight etc but am keen to know what I need to do in terms of diet and cardio. Fat loss is really my goal and I had been doing loads of cardio, even in the bulking cycle; 30 min run 3-4 mornings/ week on empty stomach and cycling 5 miles (30 mins) to/from the gym, where I have been doing 4 weight sessions/week. Been a bit disappointed with the lack of fat loss in this time to be honest (even appear to gain fat if you look at the pics between 9 & 23 May) but wondered if that was down to the steroids (or maybe even water retention?).

    Anyway, cutting to the chase- do you guys think I should maintain the cardio levels, increase or decrease the intensity/ amount?

    Also, I am planning to really cut back on the carbs-only at breakfast, pre and post workout (where I will be burning it off at the gym or on the bike anyway). I have heard however that it is best cycle my carb levels (low/high days) but not sure which is the best option to get maximum results. You guys got any ideas?

    Also-got one of those body fat monitors at home and it says Iím 23-24% body fat-No matter what I do that never seems to change. Any idea what my bf % could be?

    Thanks guys!

    PS red shorts are recent pis

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    bodyfat id guess at 15%.

    As for your cycle: 5 weeks of deca and test (a longer ester im assuming) is not near long enough. At 5 weeks the muscle gains will just be kicking in.

    I wouldnt waste your time doing 5 weeks bulk followed by 5 weeks cut, as you could just do the 10 weeks bulking, with a good diet, and not get fat anyway. Plus 5 weeks on anything wont bring on keepable results, and that cutting cycle, again includes longer esters, so 5 weeks wont do anything other than allow you to lose alittle water retention.

    For the record, steroids do not make anyone fat, it is the food you eat.

    If i was you, whilst bulking, id cut the cardio down, depending on your goals and needs, all that cardio is counterproductive. I do however advise that you include alittle bit of cardio for the health benefits.

    Id get to reading up on the right and wrong ways on using steroids, there are many ways and theories on how to use them whilst gaining well and getting less sides. The diet forum will help you greatly. Youve found the right place to learn.

    Good luck

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