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    Injury recovery less than a year

    Hi guys
    2 years ago I was out of action for over a year from an Injury. I didn't train all summer that year then I went back to the gym and tried to bench press what I used to lift and felt a tear in my sholder. I tore the rotor cuff so the Doc said. I was gutted that I couldn't go to the gym.
    I had 6 months of phisio and was in a lot of pain. I also lost over a stone and half praticly laid on my bed for 6 months doped up on amytriptaline and Codine.

    The Pain got a bit better and I learned how to hold my sholder in a way so i could train again. I started training again around April and slowley put back on all I had lost from 11 stone back up to 13.5 Im not a strong as I used to be but my arms seem bigger. Most what I have achived was through diet and training alone no Royds - "Cough' Cough" Apart from 1 4 week on dbol towards the end of only 15mg per day and they were underdosed anyway the ones from thialand blue heart. I put on a bit of water retention then lost it and dropped back to 13 stone. So that dont realy count lol

    Since then I have increased my diet trained hard and got myself back up to 13.6 stone /86.3kg /190.4lbs
    So I am quite pleased with myself for doing this almoast naturaly.

    So now I have just started a 12 week test Cycle as I think its a good time to do so. Will post the pics as time goes on

    Btw I still get pain in my sholder and the Doc is now saying it's not my rotor cuff but some ligement some whare in the back of my sholder. Got an appointment to see a specialist.
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    i have that pain too.. couldnt lift jack crap..severe pain when lifting.. nothing showed up on xrays, didnt have an MRI

    turned out its just been super inflamed rotator cuff for so many years i kept trying to lift and and i never let it heal.

    He put me on meloxicam ( high potency anti-inflammatory) problem was gone in 3 days... weights shot ups by ridiculous numbers.

    ps your camera looks to be close in the second pic so its tough to tell... but wrists look bigger!!

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