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    Iong story short I did my first test cycle about a year and a half ago. I was about 18%bf when I did it and other than feeling incredible while on I got not much more than water weight. I did not PCT properly and I am man enough to admit it. I got fairly depressed and was in a fog pretty much the past year. Started drinking heavily every day for a good 6 months and on and on. I finally dumped the booze a couple of months back and got into the gym again. I did have a blood panel done at my primary doc some months back and my test level came back at 301. Can't remember the other results but the doc said its in the normal range and no need for concern. I still don't feel quite there and experience fatigue and grogginess quite often. I'm just going to keep at it and eat at 200 cals above maintenance. Macros are 40/40/20 3400 daily. Maintenance is 3200. Current weight is 205 bodyfat with caliper reads 20%. I believe at this point I have become skinnyfat (correct me if I'm wrong based on current pics). I tried to have a current hormone panel done with an online lab but all of them prohibit testing with people residing in NYS. Seriously contemplating just self medicating at around 200 e10d. Thoughts and opinions?
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    301ng/dl is too low in my opinion. Try finding another doctor.

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    Melon take a look in the HRT Forum. At the top is the Finding A Doc Sticky thread. Give it a read and see if you can get the BW listed within. Many things can suppress your hormone production so it's always good to establish baselines and see if there's a causative factor than can be corrected before you jump on the HRT band-wagon.
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