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    need some advice fella's... cycle numero uno..wooooooooo

    Just got a couple quick questions about my first cycle. I'm taking prop, winny and maybe some eq, not sure on the eq. I'm 22, 6'1, about 200lbs. My goals for the cycle are too lose body fat, which is around 14-16% right now and gain lean muscle. I plan to cycle for 8
    weeks. Just wondering if any willie old vets had any suggestions or advice for a rook like myself in regards to my cycle, anti e's (and if i should run them through the entire cycle or just if gyno signs appear) and also if anyone could suggest a diet which would help me reach my goals i'd be stoked.

    Thanks bros

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    What's a layout of your cycle look like ?

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    Yeah what weeks of what, and all the doses.....

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