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    whats up guys, im kinda new to this site. well i have been on it for about a year but i never really had anything to post. these pics were takin about 3 weeks ago. im 18 5'8 180 lbs. sorry for not having one from the front but the girl at the photo place told me that some didint come out and soem 1 lost the negatives. i think she pocketed em seeing as it was 1 hr! Help me out in any way here im gunning for 200 by march. i have yet to take a cycle every time i get up enough cash i buy more truck parts. 13 sec seirra, and a 97 dakota 12 second project.

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    Hey Dude,

    Your back is looking good. Nice V going on there...keep it up. Lets see some front chest shots...can't see your pecs, abs, etc.


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