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    Is this what it's like being on Testosterone

    So recently, like this started 3 months ago, I started growing a lot of hair, pretty much everywhere, hands, face, hair on top of my fingers, every damn where lol. I noticed my palm got larger, wider and my wrist got wider too ect like I could literally see it got bigger day by day, I went up a shoe size to size 11 because my toe got longer and my feet got wider too.

    It's also strange because I can't stop moving my upper body/torso cuz I feel like it's expanding and growing all over the place due to the fact that my shirt got smaller and I grew 3 inches in height from my torso and went from 6ft to 6ft3 inches and my private parts got bigger too, srs lol. I'm starting to grow a beard now.

    I'm 18 and I heard your testosterone levels are raging around this age and I'm also still growing too as I haven't finished puberty. Or is it something else? I don't take jo supplements apart from ON whey protein and calcium, vitamin supps, which I've taken for several months. Also my knee seems to be healing quicker.

    This sounds like bullshit lol but it's true, and to think I was planning on using tes or hgh when I got alot of it already lol

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    Keep taking your pills lol

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    Hello and welcome

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