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    New and first time

    found this site searching for information and figured I would join up and see what people recommended.

    I'm 31 been training for years.
    I LOVE running which I know prevents big mass so I've slowed down on that some but plan to keep it up
    I do yoga regularly.

    I'm currently 170 and eat pretty well. I stick to grain free semipaleo, with 200+g protien a day

    I use resistance bands twice a week, more for a good stretch and warm up, and progressive calisthenics for the cool moves, range motion and function

    Three times a week a lift weights in gym for an hour doing complex circuits where I don't ever stop in the 8-12 rep range.

    I was considering trying to get one good cycle to pack on some mass and more strength then see how I do after I come off of it. I may or may not continue. My buddy put on 50 and kept 40 and I'd love Todo that, just filling in muscles that haven't grown as well and being bit bigger.
    Thanks for any input/ideas

    So far I've been recommended:
    1. 500mg test oil based (2 injections a week Monday then Thur/Fri)
    2. 50mg dibal daily broken up over every 4 hours
    3. Arimidex .5mg every other day

    For 8weeks

    Post: Clomid 8 hours after cycle ends once daily tappering off starting at 100mg

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    Welcome to the forum, post any cycle Q's in the Q&A for the best help.

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    What are you running Test base oil? What is that?

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    Sorry about posting here. Thought the new form was good to introduce and ask new questions. My fault for kiss understanding.

    The oild is test comes in a water like solution or oil. Supposably the oil breaks down slower throughout week

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    Welcome! not a good beginner cycle!

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