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    Smile An Honest question

    Hello I signed up looking for the most honest best advise I can get from others with more experience.

    I am 29 5”11 185 lbs pretty athletic fairly in good shape as my job is hanging drywall for those who know anyways gives you an idea I am in the process of starting my first cycle and was wondering how I should take what I have I have 500 mg test c solution ( 2 /250mg) ,250 mg Deca solution , 50 tablets Dbol (25 mg per tablet), 50 tablets letrozole ( 2.5 mg per tablet) , 50 tablets nolvadex ( 20 mg per tablet )

    I am not lazy an am willing to put the work in

    Please help explain as I am a total noob an will genuinely thank you for all the proper info an advise givin.
    Again thanks for takin the time to read this in the first place.
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    Hey man. Welcome to the forum. I think you are going to get a lot of helpful feedback here. I’m not experienced enough to give advice. But you should start with the stickey above first cycles. Good luck to you!

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    Welcome to the forum.

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    Welcome.... Re-post in the question/answer forum for more views and responses.

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