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    Patrol moves 100 agents to Canadian border

    Source: United

    EL PASO, Texas, Oct. 25 (UPI) -- The Border Patrol on Sunday will begin shifting
    100 agents from the Mexican border to the Canadian border for national security reasons,
    a patrol spokesman said Thursday.

    The temporary assignment will be reassessed in 30 days to determine whether additional
    officers need to be deployed, according to Doug Mosier a patrol spokesman in the El
    Paso office.

    Mosier would only say the deployment was "a national security issue." Since Sept.
    11, patrol agents have taken on additional duties, including airport security in some
    areas of the country.

    "They will be providing security, assisting with vehicle inspections, and other
    duties," he said.

    Mosier would not disclose how many agents would be sent from the El Paso sector,
    which includes West Texas and New Mexico. He said it would not create a problem for
    the sector.

    "We understand the need for personnel on the northern border and we will do what
    we can to support that task," he said.

    The 100 agents will come from patrol sectors all along the border from Texas to

    The patrol reported recently that apprehensions on the U.S.-Mexico border are down
    54 percent from two years ago. In the El Paso sector, they have been down 26 percent
    from last fiscal year.

    Mosier said officials don't know why apprehensions are down but one factor might
    be the new administration of Mexican President Vicente Fox.

    The patrol has more than 9,000 agents along the U.S-Mexico border and about 300
    along the Canadian border.

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    inspection is crazy by the tunnels here

    they are searching all the trucks that go through the tolls w/ officers standing by right after you pay the single passenger driver are allowed into the city from 6-10am to reduce traffic and make the searches easier in the am.still no search is perfect.a friend of mine just flew in from boston and she had her bag searched at the airport but it's just random so i don't feel safe getting on a plane if they are just doing it randomly.

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