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    Belarus Subway bombing kills 13

    Belarus Subway Bombing Death Toll Climbs to 13, Belta Reports

    The death toll from this week’s subway bombing in Minsk has risen to 13 when a victim died in hospital, the state-run news service Belta reported today, citing the Health Ministry.

    An explosive device went off during the evening rush hour on April 11, also wounding more than 190 people at the capital Minsk’s busiest metro station, near the presidential residence.

    Authorities have detained five people in connection with the explosion, Oleg Voronin, a prosecution official, said today, according to Belta. The case was "solved" after three suspects arrested the day after the bombing confessed, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said on April 13.

    Lukashenko has said that he will start tracking social networks and blogs in Belarus as safety procedures. They apparently want to use the bombing to keep stripping people of their free speech. Belarus has been ruled by Lukashenko for 17 years now and the internet is the only place where their people can express themselves. Now, he is after that too. I think the regime in Belarus is one of the most bizarre in the world.

    Anyways, RIP to victims.

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    I don't believe Belarus has ever been a bastion of free speech and democratic rule. So this isn't much of a surprise to me. RIP to the victims as well.

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