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    Schumer Proposes Huge Gas-for-Electric-Car Trade-In Program

    Sen. Schumer Proposes Huge Gas-for-Electric-Car Trade-In Program

    The 10-year-long incentive deal would cost $454 billion and, if adopted, could be the prime reason Americans get into EVs and out of gas-powered cars in droves.

    Bullshit. It'll never happen. We couldn't make it happen even if we wanted to.

    Senator Schumer proposes a government buy-back of all ICE vehicles (which means "confiscation" if you don't want to sell your car for the pittance they will offer) and you'll have to replace them with an electric vehicle. He proposes to ban all ICE vehicles by 2040.

    Anybody else see the "GOTCHA!" in this plan? Apart from the fact that a lot of Americans could never afford even the cheapest electric car on the market?

    Q. As of today, what is the source for the energy your car runs on today?
    A. Dead dinosaurs.

    Q. Under F-U Chuck Schumer's plan. where will the energy your car runs on in 2040 come from?
    A. Some fashion of an electricity generating facility.

    Q. Where do we get this additional electricity?
    A. We'll have to shit 59% more power plants (math to follow).

    At present, 37% of all the energy America uses is electrical. 28% of all the energy America uses goes to transportation. About 5% of that is used by aviation, leaving 23% for surface transportation. And 95% of that is powered by fossil fuels, which means ICE surface transportation accounts for about 21.85% of America's total energy consumption.

    And 37+22 is 59%. So by 2040, 59% of all America's energy consumption, not 37%, will come from electrical sources. An increase of 62%

    So where do we get the extra electricity?

    As of today America produces 4,500,000 MegaWatt-hours of electricity a year. That means we've got 20 years to shit the power plants capable of producing another 2,800,000 MWh (2.8TWh) annually. It bears mention that at the moment no other country on earth apart China and the US produces even half of 2.8TWh annually.

    Let that sink in a moment. What Chuckie is proposing will require America to boost its present electricity production by more than the current electrical production of India and Russia combined. Or Japan, Canada and Germany combined. Or Brazil, South Korea, France, Saudi Arabia and the formerly great Britain combined.

    But wait, there's more!

    Q. As of today, how does the fuel your car runs on get to the retail distribution point?
    A. Diesel fuel tankers powered by dead dinosaurs.

    Q. Under F-U Chuck Schumer's plan, how will the fuel your car runs on get to the retail distribution point?
    A. Through our aged and only marginally adequate electric grid.

    Q. What would happen if you dumped 7.3TWh-worth of electrons into a power grid designed for 4.5TWh?

    And some regions already have an over-taxed and/or under-powered grid. Kommifornia has the majority of America's brown-outs and rolling blackouts, even when their bass-ackwards environmental policies aren't causing massive forrest fires. Imagine if all Angelinos followed mouth-breathing mirocephalic metrosexual Ed Begley Jr's example and drove electric cars, increasing LaLa-Lands electrical consumption by 10 or 20%. The result would be hilarious!

    But at least then the air would be so clean that they could see how many streetlamps and billboards no longer were lit.

    The one thing all these electric car evangelists fail to mention is that if their dreams come true, America will need AN ENTIRELY NEW ELECTRICAL GRID. Coast to coast.

    How much? Chuckie says his car trade-in plan will cost $454 billion. But that doesn't consider the cost of shifting the energy supply burden from America's fleet of fuel tanker trucks to its aging and antiquated power grid.

    One estimate I found to replace the current grid is $5 trillion. Extrapolate 59% from that and it would cost near as makes no difference $3 trillion just to boost our grid to produce and transport that extra 2.8 TWh.

    The government's combined annual revenue this year will be $3.645 trillion so Chuckie's proposal hides the fact that it also will cost 82% of an entire year's revenues to finance the watermelon's electric car nirvana. And our shortfall (meaning how much we have to borrow from Red China) already is more than $1B annually.

    And it would take decades (plural) to do the needed remodeling.

    The scary part is F-U Chuckie isn't a stupid man. He's got staffers who can work the numbers as well as I can. He knows his plan is unworkable, unsupportable, unsustainable.

    Which begs the question, why is he proposing a plan that he knows will fail?

    And that, my friends, is a question that needs answering before they allow this bill to come to a vote. What the fuck's he got up his Marxist-wannabe sleeve?

    Until we have that answer, our answer to him should be, "Fuck you, Chuck."

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    Olympic Gold Medal to the world's grumpiest man goes to Beetlegeuse, lol...

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    I'm just trying to goad the sheelpe out of their stupor. For the next 362 days, the Republic faces the gravest danger since its founding. To not be "grumpy" is to be part of the problem.

    To paraphrase the immortal words of Al Swearengen, 'To not grab ankle is to declare yourself "grumpy."

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    They couldn't do it. The technology and infrastructure isn't there. Nor would the oil companies allownit. They still have a ton of power. Maybe if the range were better on them. Too many people have jobs that require nthem to travel further than an ev would allow

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