Hello everybody here....
I'm a newb on this community and willing to gather suggestions from other members.
I've been browsing the web for quite a bit and I'm positive to get started with my 1st cycle on Albuterol + Provi rather than on AAS.
The reason of not using AAS is based to the assuption that even thoght they would work better and probably faster, I'm not going to participate to any competition therefore the enhancements I'm looking for (cutting more fat I can and reducing my bf) might be achieved with a minimal impact on the sides arising out from the use of AAS.
I'm also looking to use albuterol rather than clen due to the huge difference in sides. The first can also be used for longer period than the 2nd.
I'm 47 y.o., 5'7", 205 lbs ex sport pro (stocky builted with a limpomasty and lower abd fat). I'm on spinning 3-4 times a week.
I'm going to do the albu on a 2 weeks on + 2 weeks off (like the clen cycles) plus a 75 mg ed of Provi 1-30 day lowering to 25 mg day 30-40.
Has anybody out there used the same stack? What I'll be expecting out of such a cycle?
Any suggestiong will be appreciated.