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    Disappointed in progress

    Well it's been three weeks and just came back from the Doc's for my 4th shot.
    I've been pretty religious in my diet, weight lifting 4 times per week and cardio 6-7 times a week keeping my heart rate down for fat burning. According to the Doc's scale I haven't lost a pound. My friend tells me it's muscle memory and I have gained muscle replacing the fat loss? At one time (7yrs ago) I was pretty good size and was a real gym rat. Is this possible?

    Diet (5-6 small meals)
    Cut out all breads and sugars
    Wheat pasta
    Potato's (Small portions)
    Veggie's steamed

    Cardio 1.5-2 miles fast walk 6-7 days a week
    Mon Tues off Wed Thurs Fri Lifting
    Cypoinate 200ml weekly 4 weeks

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    Give it a few more weeks, maybe up the training a bit........good things take time.
    You haven't lost a pound because typically that fat is being converted over to muscle......don't worry about the scale!

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    Ya.bro as you get older it takes a little longer...stick with it!

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    You may want to increase the intensity of your cardio. Forget the scale and look at how your clothes fit. Are the pants that were once tight loose now? Muscle weighs more than fat. I weigh more now than I ever have however my waist size is smaller.

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    Dont go nuts with the scale, that piece of equipment is the worst of them all, how do you fit in your clothes is the best progress for me.

    I am on a diet right now started about 2 weeks ago, i cannot train i only walk due to back pain and being on treatments like prolotherapy and PST.

    Testosteron usually made me hungry has hell LOL.

    Yeah for now just do it to keep fit and dont worry about weightloss, i am semi lowcarbing and like you i have not lost a single pound but i do feel better in my pants so i guess some of it came off from the waiste size.

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    these guys are telling you right. muscle weights more than fat. so the scales are going to mislead you. the only true measure is to buy a pair of calipers and measure your fat month by month. It took you a long time to get out of shape it takes a long time to get back in shape. what ever just stick with it. It is going to be your diet that determines your fat loss. when you were 15 it was 60% exercise and 40% diet that would determine your fat loss. now its going to be 80% diet and 20% exercise that will determine fat loss. the older the worse it gets.

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