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    50yr old back in the gym

    advise required please..back in the gym at 49...sus/decca
    back in the gym big time after a few yrs off....use to live the gym 4 on/1 off...
    now iv reached the ripe old age of 49......things av changed lots over the thinking of hitting sus an this a wise thing to do
    i know all about the rite diet/training/sets/ect...
    but would love advise on this subject....
    i.e. are they a good combination for a old man...ha..

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    There are over 20 views but no reply's. I am a handful of years behind you and just started another cycle of test and front load of D-bol. I have done Decca but never sust. I would assume you are not new to this? If this is your first cycle ever then you may want to re think it. I always thought test was a great foundation for any cycle. Someone should chime in here soon with some additional advise.

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    When was the last time you worked out?Give us some history Bro.

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    Bro...We'll need a bunch more history before the Vets will advise. But as an older athlete myself, best to see a Doc and get a baseline blood work done before you consider any gear at your age.

    Good Luck and keep it safe!


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    At 50+, you may want to consider HRT, not a cycle. It's doubfult your hormone levels are optimal these days.

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    You need to get a base level of fitness and at least six months of natural training before gearing up. More information would help us help you!

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    I'm 51 and I did my first cycle at 48. I've been working out naturally since I was 11 years old. You really need to build a base, physiologically, for the AAS. When you get on a cycle your muscles are going to grow and you're going to get stronger. On my first cycle, I was so excited about the growth and strength increase that I hurt myself. It took about a year for the shoulder to come back. If you're connecting tissues aren't sufficiently strong you could get tendinitis, tear a ligament, etc. You need to be training pretty seriously for a couple of years before you cycle. Just my .02

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    Hi guys,,,
    A person can build muscles in any age as he likes but the age you mentioned above requires extra care and more effort.You need to be more careful in the Although you have plenty of information on these topics like you said but it is better that you will consult this with a trainer.
    Rick flair a well known professional wrestler is an example for you.

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    Just saw this thread, this is just my own personal experience and may not be a good idea for most. I was a proffesional cyclist from 18-23 then stayed in pretty good shape after that working as a mechanic and doing construction work evenings and weekends. Then around 40 started working in an office environment and by 50 was in terrible shape 6'1" and 235 lbs with a 13" bicep LOL anyway after loosing that job I started trying to get back into shape and started walking and doing some rudimentary wieght lifting in my basement. By 54 I was doing a combination of walking and running about 5 miles a day but still fat and spindly. At 55 I started lifting weights seriously, still in the basement but I have a flat bench, angle bench, squat rack and pull down machine along with a angled situp board. It was at this time I started doing AAS and seeing ok gains with no bad sides.

    I was completely ignorant about base Test etc. but after learning of the importance of it I contacted my physician and found that he had tested my homone levels back when I was 48 and at that time they were marginal. So after learning that I decided to go the home TRT route and cruise and blast. I am currently doing a Cyp Deca blast and seeing pretty good gains (have finallly joined a gym) and my wieght is down to 215 and my bicep is up to 15.5 from 13.5 in October so I am fairly happy with my gains.

    One thing I would do before you start is to get your baseline hormone values so you will know where you stand. In my opinion at 45 plus its really sketchy messing with cycles as your recovery to baseline will take longer and you may be so close to marginal already that any gains will be short lived and any loss of test values will be a major problem. If on the other hand your Test levels are already low then I see no reason not to start on TRT, while its scary making a lifelong commitment I am really glad I did as I feel better now than I did at 35 healthwise, libido etc. so the few downsides of TRT are more than offset by the positives in my book.

    Sorry for my usual rambling post but that's "The way I am" LOL
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    Welcome n good luck

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    Hi, I'm not qualified to give a lot of technical advice but I can say at 51 I lift 50% heavier than I did at 25. I've been under hormone replacement therapy for around 10 years and other than my old injuries causing me pain I don't feel any different than I did at 30. A year ago ( more like a year and a half now) I decided to increase my bicep size because all my life my arms have been a weak point. I trained hard and heavy and I took them from 18 to 22 (OK, more like 21 3/4). I'm doing my first self administered cycle now because at my age it is more difficult to get rid of a few kilos around the waste.

    Age is a number in your head so it's only as real as you want it to be.
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    Go fer it...I am 53, and it is the best undertaking I have undertook. Did that make sense?...:-0

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