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Thread: Hcg question

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    Hcg question

    Hi guys its been 8 months i'm off since february, went for blood work in april and obviously blood count was high and test was very low so my doctor told me to go do blood work in august so that's 4 months after, got results and everything came back normal but the thing is i don't feel anything sexual unless i actual have intercourse but don't get a H on at all not in the morning or all day is this normal and i'm 40 yrs old, i know as we get older our test goes down, i didn't do any pct after cycle which i should have. So my friend told me to take hcg 5000 i.u. for 1 month just to stimulate the testes, is that a good idea? Any advice would be appreciated thanks.

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    If you're becoming aroused at stimulation, then you're fine.

    "It's human nature in a 'more is better' society full of a younger generation that expects instant gratification, then complain when they don't get it. The problem will get far worse before it gets better". ~ kelkel

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    I miss my 20s
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    Miss your 20.s My god I would love to be 50 again, these days I am lucky to have sex 4 times a week! What will I do when I am 70? Do your PCT and use hcg on cycle.

    On my last blast I was using my normal of Test C 500 mgs, Tren e 400Mgs and Deca 500 Mgs. I ran to much Tren over one year and now am resting 2 months as it is not working as well. Hcg kept my balls OK and with test my sex drive is always OK! I run 250 mgs of test C while cruising but at 58 I think my natural production would be very low. I have used 8 years and the BP is the only ever problem other than thick blood and Austinite fixed that for me, just had to do my own phlebotomy. Fun and games, good thing my wife it Thai, she has no fear of blood! It was everywhere!!! Now BP is back to 130/80 and coming down.

    Good luck, kindest regards John

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