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    40 and need direction on first cycle

    40 yrs old and I am currently on a very low dose of trt that is prescribed by my physician (1 shot every two weeks). I am wanting to start a full cycle and have been looking at beginner cutting cycles but could use some solid direction from anyone with experience.
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    The consensus around here is that if your are going to start a cycle you should have a good base as far as working out. Nutrition and diet should be on point and probably wanna be on the lower side of body fat to reduce risks of sides... I’m sure some more knowledgeable guys will chime in

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    You're probably running Test Cyp for your TRT. I would recommend that you take 50% of your TRT dose once a week instead of 100% once every two weeks.

    After a couple of months on TRT your blood levels should be pretty stable. You're ready to run a cycle. Just increase your TRT dose to 500mg/wk injecting 250mg twice a week. Keep this dose for 12wks. If you're still making good gains, you can run for 14 weeks. Run Arimadex .25mg every other day and HCG 250iu twice a week if you want your boys plump. When you're done with the last injection you don't need PCT since you are on TRT.

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