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Thread: Elevated BP

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    Elevated BP

    Hi Guys
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1973426 View Post
    Hi Guys ,
    Male age 50
    Height: 1:76
    Weight : 87 kg
    4 / week moderate strength training

    I started testosterone enanthate 250mg / week and now I am on week 6 but unfortunately my bp elevated. Normally, it was 125/85 max but now it’s getting 135/95 , I am trying to check it for at list a week and it couldn’t go down. Some guys told me, they had such issues and will decrease thru time but I got worried , should I make it 250mg / 2 weeks or stop it? Please help as I am getting great feeling out of it .

    Any advice please ?

    Many thanks .
    Are you running this as a cycle or trt? That's kind of a trick question because it is a bad number for either one: too much for trt, not enough for a cycle.

    Assuming trt, drop that dose to 150mg per week. Divide that into 2 injections, say Monday morning and Thursday evening.

    You should get bloodwork, too. Your rbc, hematocrit and or estrogen may be elevated. You may need to donate some blood or adjust your protocol as suggested.
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    Hi ,
    I saw a Doctor and that’s exactly what he said , I didn’t see your post on time anyhow thanks so much . By the way , what would be your opinion on IM vs Sub-c injection ? For me twice a week to pin will give me discomfort.
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