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Thread: Havoc PCT

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    Havoc PCT

    Hi all, i am 2.5 weeks into my bottle of havoc, i planned on taking nolva for my pct, which i already have, should i also take a natural test booster such as novedex by gaspari? or is it not necessary, thanks for any input.

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    Nolva will suffice.

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    I decided to use Novedex by gaspari , in addition to Nolva/Clomid for my PCT ..

    I've been breaking out and my sex drive is 100% Gone..
    Although ive kept a substantial amount of my gains now on week 4-- Don't know if the gaspari helped..

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    Well Gasparis Novedex XT is really not a test booster its an over the counter AI. Thats why you sex drive is gone, no Estrogen. 1 cap at bedtime is plenty if your using real nolva too. Keep an eye out for rebound gyno. Havoc is well known for it.

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    yea using real nolva and pct chem is all you need.

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