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    Nolvadex and gyno plz help

    Hey guys, I registered on this site just to ask this question, I'm almost done my first steroid cycle of about 10 weeks, i used test cyp and primobolan . I have nolvadex which i was gonna use for my pct , since it's my first cycle im doin low dosages, the test is 250mg/ml and the primo is 100mg/ml. im doin around 0.7 ml of each every 5-6 days.

    Now surprisingly ive got some slight gyno side effects , i thought at such low doses it wouldnt happen during the cycle. theres a little lump under each nipple which is sore to touch, especially the right one. also my nipples are a bit bigger now. My last shot of the cycle is tomorrow,

    so originally i was going to wait 2 weeks after my last shot(tomorrow) to start taking the nolvadex (which will be like 2 weeks from today), which is what i read you should do, wait till all the steroids are gone from my system. But now that im noticing these gyno effects, I was wondering if i should start right away? should i jsut take like 10mg per day for now and then bump it up to 40mg in two weeks and follow the normal pct? what would you reccomend?
    I know Nolvadex can reverse the very early signs of gyno. at least thats what i keep reading, would i benefit from starting right away or will i be fine if i just wait till 2 weeks after the cycle?

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    Yes start the nolva straight away 20mg a day you should have started as soon as sides was showing
    next time you cycle look into AI's

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