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    Question Test 400 pct

    Right so this is the first cycle I have been on, I'm running Cambridge Research Test-400, currently only 2 weeks in, I plan on doing a 10 week cycle and im pinning 1 ml a week broken into 2 0.5ml jabs mondays and thursday. It's all running smoothly thus far, bad pip on my second jab but thats my fault for f*cking around too much. I have been reading alot about PCT but from what I can understand it varies depending on the juice/dosage/cycle, and its baffled me a fair bit to be honest, can any experienced members of the community please give me an exact run down on the PCT I should use based on my cycle, including
    What day to start PCT
    Which ones to take
    What dosage to take
    Help will be greatly apreciated!
    Has anybody tried and tested and seen the results of Cambridge Research products? they don't seem to have been around for long and can't find much feedback in forums, I wouldn't know if its undergeared or not and what to look for as it's my first cycle..

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    Hopefully you are running an ai and hcg alongside your cycle? PCT starts 14 days from last pin clomid 100/50/50/50 nolvadex 40/40/20/20

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