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    Ancillary Question: Raloxifene? anyone with exp?

    per this article it can be dosed at 60 - 80mg daily "until gyno is reversed"

    i've got tiny lump behind the right nipple that flares up on cycle. almost the same issue with the left only it's even smaller. both aren't noticible

    im debating on whether or not to use the raloxifene now, or as an ancillary on my next cycle...

    i know that pharm grade nolvadex is sufficient in most cases, but i feel that i'm very sensitive to gyno, so i'm thinking of taking this extra precaution.

    i've got 70. 60mg tabs...

    this thread is related to another issue that i'm thinking over:

    what would you do?

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    If you currently have gyno then you should treat it before cycling.

    It's not a good idea to cycle with a preexisting condition.

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    I developed a small lump behind each nipple during a cycle.
    Within 2 1/2 weeks I started on ralox 60mg a day.
    I stopped the cycle about 2 weeks after starting ralox.
    I continued taking ralox.
    In less than 2 1/2 total months on ralox the lumps were gone.
    I continued on the ralox for about 4 total months.

    I am now onto my next cycle.
    I am just taking 10mg of nolva a day.
    200mg tren E per week
    500mg test E per week
    12.5mg of Aromasin per day

    The gyno has stayed at bay.

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    cool. i'll start that then.

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