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Thread: PCT Fail

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    Unhappy PCT Fail

    So I'm here to cry for help, my dr is no good at all. I'm 21 (yeah I know too early, I knew the risks and unfortunately I've stumbled upon the problems people talk about haha!) anyway did a 10week test e only cycle, 500mg twice a week. Used nolva arimedex and Clomid 2 weeks after last jab for 4 weeks. I went from 100-50mg clomid, 20 mg nolva, and used arimidex all the way through the cycle. I had my bloods done my test went from 23-17 this is Aussie numbers. I'll be getting bloods done again tomorrow and will have the new results by next week, this cycle happened back in March or around there.

    I feel like I've flat lined, no motivation for anything haven't hit the gym not eating right, major crash. Could've been due to a big emotional relationship breakup but my test levels do speak for themselves.

    My dr made me do a sleep study test to see if that was messing with my hormones but I told him straight out it would probably be the cycle. Not sure what to do now, I'll go back to the drs and see what he says after I get these bloods, I'll come back and post here right away. Any insight would be much appreciated.

    ;tldr - fucked up my pct probably, dr says I'm in normal test range for my age which might mean it's normal but not for my exact age and situation. Need proper advice! You can flame me, but you must understand that I knew the risks and wanted to see the outcome and have a go, just trying to fix a few things , kind of hard to work as a chippie and build houses with no go behind me.
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    Without thinking about your inconscience related to the fact you're too much young for AAS. However, you've to look through blood work the following panel ( ensure your are off ANY drugs for almost 1 month ):

    - LH
    - FSH
    - Total Testosterone
    - Free Testosterone
    - SHBG
    - Albumin
    - E2

    This will you give a good idea where you are. After, you will decide what to do, according to your doctor ( i suggest you a qualified specialist ! ).
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    Thank you mate, sorry for the slow reply. Been having trouble with this site I will look into this and study the levels and go back to my dr. Defiently going to need a new Dr though.

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    Depending on blood results you could run hcg again then another pct.

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