Lately I've seen people coming to this area, which is dedicated to FAKE STEROID PICS posting threads asking if they are real or not or other kind of questions, well this area is reserved to contain ONLY threads with FAKE STEROID PICTURES, in other words, all the threads that are here were previously selected by myself, this process takes time if you ask me, you must check post by post to see if there's any kind of undesired info, edit them when needed, see the facts which came clear along the thread then move them to this SUB-FORUM. I'm not saying you to NOT post ANY thread here but I'm asking your cooperation to make my work a little easier by posting here ONLY when you are 110% sure your stuff is FAKE. Please post questions over the main forum ANABOLIC STEROIDS PICTURE FORUM, where you can have more feedback to your questions. Well that's it, I want to thank you guys for all the help you've been given to this forum by posting pics thru the forum as well as putting your comments on the threads, this is really appreciated not only by me but by the original posters. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.