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    Can i get some help please? Real or not?

    Hey guys new to the site just wondering if anybody has any info on this brand or manufacturer? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Can i get some help please? Real or not?-20141115_201528_0.jpg
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    what the brand is if im mistaken is just the lighting bolt logo?
    anavar is the most expensive therefore most fake or "mislabeled" steroid .
    There's only two ways to know if its fake,
    1. you take it at 75-100 Mgs, nothing happens then its fake.
    2. If you have another bag check to see if all the numbers match the other bag, Most counterfeiters use 1 label and print it onto all the bags,if you notice that then this is usually a red flag.

    Good luck man. whats the worst than can happen

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