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Thread: 10mg dbol

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    10mg dbol??

    Alright, so I ordered anavar and was sent dbol by mistake ( I plan on using it ). Long story short, I now have both anavar and dbol.

    I know the anavar is legit and I'm assuming so is the dbol, but I have no clue what mg the dbol is. I think it is 10mg...

    Dont wanna take it thinking its 10mg a pill when its like 50mg or something like that.

    on the other side of it is a dragon. Idk if we can mention lab names so I won't. But it should be easy to figure out...These look like the 10mg pills that they produce
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    assuming its 10mg. been taking them as if they were 10mg. Hope I dont die

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    those are 50mg's...

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    ^ what a bitch you are

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