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    Question Real or Fake NORMA

    In third wk using Deca made from NORMA getting stonger in gym .Just like to know if bottles are real no pictures but here is some information.The lables on bottles look legit but i think i have the older bottles because my bottles are stamped exp. date 0/4.Just like to Know if they should have the logo on the bottles under the lable i Know the new ones have it ;but dont know if the older ones should.

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    It's always hard to make judgment on something without a pic!

    If your bottles do not have stenciling on them...they are fake. Anything expiring in 04 should have the stenciling on the bottle. Stuff expiring in 03 (old style bottle) still had the stenciling on it. Also the exp date makes it sound like the Decas are a fake too.

    Secondly, please go through the threads here...there are tonnes of pics of legit Norma Decas.

    Check this thread.

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