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    ball press & partial dl's q's

    I'm at the point where I'll be doing the ball presses on ME Bench day and I have no clue what they are. Is their an alternative if I don't have a ball?

    Also, how far off the ground is the bar on a partial dl? Any suggestions on how to hold the bar for 20reps, my forearms practially fall off after 12 reps.

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    Ball presses are DB presses lying on a stability ball

    Are you going to do Partial deadlifts or pin pulls? With 20 reps I'd say they're partial deadlifts in which case you bring the bar down below your knees then explode up to the top you do not set the bar on pins. You should be using around 1/3 of your max DL.
    As for your grip try chalk, if not use straps but be sure to do some grip work afterwards to improve your grip strength so you do not need the straps any longer.

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