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    please help me form a routine


    i have recently moved gyms to one closer to home however it does have limited equipment (although its quite unique from what im used to!)

    anyway, my goals are to build my strength back up (i havent trained in a month) but need help building up a routine.

    the equipment i have avilable is:

    6 Olympic Bars and plates (including rubber plates for Olympic Lifting)
    4 Power Cages
    40 Kettlebells ranging from 4kg to 32kg
    30 Pairs of Cast Iron Dumbbells (only up to 30kg/66lb)
    Medicine Balls
    Gymnastic Rings
    Ropes to climb
    JCB Tyres

    I have only ever been used to a conventional bodybuilding regime but am looking to get mainly into powerlifting. any help on what exercises i could do and routine layout would be great

    thanks a lot

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    read some of the programs i have stickied. ton of info there. also find some powerlifters at the gym and rain with them

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